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Our Mission

To uplift the quality of talents we have in the food & beverage and hospitality industry in Hong Kong. 

Our Values

  • Talent is our focus

  • Agile attitude 

  • Learn to leap

  • Energetic organization building experience and expertise

  • Networking the world for you

  • Teamwork is key

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Our Services

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How are we different from others ?


  • Talent is our primary focus.

  • We are NOT just another search firm or employment agency, we are committed to uplift the quality of our talents in the F&B industry and make them shine in their own ways.

  • We do not just pass candidates to our corporate clients, we understand each one of them individually to find the right fit.

  • We are serious in grooming our talents providing 1-1 coaching tailored to the individual.

  • We care about the long term career development of our talents helping them to orchestrate their growth in the longer run.

  • We help our talents to see the world beyond where they are now.

Image by Louis Hansel
Image by Jonathan Borba
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