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Talent Scouting and Grooming


Talent is our primary focus.

Talent is our primary focus.
We identify talents who have the passion to grow in this industry.
These talents may be at different stages in their career lives.

  • You could be a fresh graduate not knowing where to start.

  • You always enjoy cooking but are unsure whether you want to make it your career.

  • You may have a few years of work experience but want to challenge your creative mind and want to become a chef.

  • You want to broaden and deepen your cooking knowledge and skills overseas.

  • You enjoy meeting people and want to share your cooking skills and interest.

  • You want to become a Michelin star chef but do not know how to become one.

  • You want to learn from other famous chefs but don’t know where to find them.

  • You want to work overseas and get exposure to different cultures.

We will coach and groom you.

  • We get to know YOU as an individual, your strengths, preferences, habits and even improvement areas so that we can coach you in the space you aspire to get into.

  • We work with education institutes to provide internship and on-the-job exposure to young talents to help them pursue their dreams while understanding the reality.

  • We help you polish your CV, etiquette, strengthen your communication and interviewing skills.

  • We facilitate you to deepen your knowledge and skills attending renowned cooking institutes through our alliances.

  • We understand your long term career aspirations and help you to progress.

  • We provide individualized career coaching to help you drive your long term career development.

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